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Here’s all you have to know to design your getaway to nature Hit the more responsible option for Dubai’s Hajar Mountain extends, actually interpreted as rough mountains. Red dim shake outcrops differentiate against blue glimmering waterways in an ethereal scene. Hatta was once known just for its stronghold and little desert ranches, however now pulls in an extensive variety of experience sports fans, specifically, mountain bicycle riders for whom a reason manufactured track has quite recently opened. Do Hatta lite staying at the green desert garden of the Hatta Fort Hotel and going to the Hatta Dam and the nearby legacy focus. For the fit and the daring, pack your outdoors design for a bicycle ride or trek through life-changing illusory scenes. Now everyone gives a prior importance to Hatta Mountain in their Adventure Tour Packages Dubai. Discover how to get to Hatta, where to stay, what to pack and what to do.

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The most effective method to GET THERE

Hatta is found 130km south-east of central Dubai and it takes roughly an hour and a half to arrive by street, taking note of that you should take the long route around Oman to keep away from the fringe crossing which is presently shut. The grand trip is an ordeal all alone, with the encompassing territory transforming from brilliant sands to dark red mountains. The best course from Dubai is from E102 (Sharjah-Kalba Road) by means of E611 (Emirates Road).

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On the off chance that you are short on time or might want to join the trek with other simple touring, you can book a visit through organizations Biking or Hiking. It gives an assortment encounter for your visit

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Hatta is ideal for a multi-day trip (see our agenda here) however in the event that you’d jump at the chance to relax in the regular view a little longer you can book a chalet at the Hatta Fort Hotel. The four-star resort, which has been obliging visitors for a long time, offers rooms with a perspective of the Hajar Mountains, two pools including one encased inside rocks, a slope stop you can climb, and various outside exercises, for example, toxophilism, a driving reach, and air-rifle shooting.

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For those with the proper apparatus, there are a few outdoors recognizes, some as of late worked close Hatta Mountain Bike Trail Center, where you’ll discover barasti cabins, grill spot, and shower and can squares. Something else, find the scene for yourself and set up a portable shelter close to one of the mountains. Make sure to bring the proper gear, particularly amid harsher climate.

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Aside from the wonderful regular landscape, Hatta is one of the most established protected legacy territories in the UAE. Begin your voyage with a picturesque crash into town, where you’ll be welcomed by the Hatta Fort Hotel, transform into the focal town and drive through to achieve the Hatta Dam perspective. Stop your auto and bring a little climb down to see a shocking blue lake or go kayaking on its dark blue waters.

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On your arrival, you can visit the Hatta Heritage Village, which grandstands life in antiquated circumstances and highlights the Hatta Fort inside its limits. Here you’ll see reestablished houses and cottages and find out about the historical backdrop of the tenants. You can visit the adjacent Hatta Library to peruse up assist on the emirate’s history and individuals.

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Mountain bikers on the external trails can go through a newfound legacy zone, which is a conventional town site settled in the core of the mountainside. It is inaccessible via auto, however, you can walk or bicycle to it. The region is as of now being explored by the Architectural Heritage Department to decide the period and centrality.


While you’re there, turn up the adrenaline by mountain biking on a portion of the numerous trails, from apprentice to cutting-edge level. (See our mountain-biking schedule). En route you can associate with nature as you’ll go by farmland, common pools, and rough slopes; you may find some shrouded desert gardens. Look at the Hatta Mountain Bike site for the most a la mode courses data.

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Official trekking courses are being created, however, you can bring short strolls into the mountains on casual tracks. Numerous individuals take a cookout to the dam, yet do make sure to leave the earth as you discovered it. You can even go kayaking over the Hatta Dam which is a prevalent fascination in the winter time frame.


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Hatta’s atmosphere is cooler than focal Dubai, given its higher elevation. Evenings can get cold amid the winter, so bring a light coat. In case you’re anticipating partaking in any outside exercises, guarantee you have the correct security apparatus, hardware, and crisis supplies. For mountain bikers, it is prescribed you have a GPS tracker, battery pack and working cell phone, in addition to adequate hydration supplies. Note that cell phone scope is sketchy in a few territories of the mountain. Am sure Hatta Mountain Safari Dubai gives you a different level of experience on your tour.

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