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Souks, or conventional road markets, have been called “the core of urban Arabia”, and Dubai has a decent choice of them. ‘Souk’ is the Arabic word for market or place where any sort of products is brought or traded. Traditionally, dhows from the Far East, China, Ceylon, India would release their loads and the products would be dealt over in the souks neighboring the docks. Every Souk has vendors who spend significant time on similar items and the conventional style of working together by energetic and once in a while exaggerated wheeling and dealing over some sweet tea or Turkish espresso is normal. One manages wins – on the off chance that you do at long last concur a cost with a vendor you are ethically obligated to purchase the thing from him at your cost. Simply leaving is viewed as lawful conduct.

The Dubai Souks extend from the customary, dusty back roads of the Spice Souk, a short distance from the Creek, to the most renowned market of all – the Gold Souk.

Dubai souks are situated on the two sides of the Creek. Find limit rear ways offering crafted works, floor coverings and each spice possible. The somewhat bigger paths are the place you will locate the gold souks, which are shops flooding with gold, said to offer the least costs on the planet.

Wheeling and dealing is a convention in the souks. Discover the miracles of sweet-smelling spices and the magnificence of hand-created gold through the maze of restricted twisting rear ways on the Deira side of the stream. In the spice souk, you will discover aromas, incense, and delectable foods heaped in sacks anticipating your wheeling and dealing abilities. Walk somewhat advance toward the gold souk and be astonished by the sparkling presentations in each shop window. Look over gold pieces of jewelry, hoops, wristbands, and even outline your own one of a kind adornments. Bartering with businesspeople is normal and supported.

You will locate the antique market close to the souks where you can purchase espresso pots, Arabian chests, knifes, Bedu adornments and carvings at incredible costs. On the off chance that inspired by purchasing materials or silk, set out toward Cosmos Lane in Bur Dubai or the boulevards of Satwa, where various shops offer an immense range of bright textures.

You can likewise discover amazing hardware on Al Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai. This region is fixed with electrical and gadgets shops.

Dubai is inundated with neighborhood markets, and the Creekside souks are a reminder of its days as a flourishing port for dealers and brokers in the nineteenth century. While much has changed from that point forward, the Deira and Bur Dubai souks still have a lot of products that merit wrangling over, from spices and silks to hardware and gold.

Deira Old Souk & Spice Souk:

As of now under cautious restoration, this is Dubai’s biggest and oldest souk. The simplest method to enter is to set out toward the wind towers on the Deira side of the river. A superbly extraordinary experience,the spice souk has limit avenues and a fragrance so unique,it resembles strolling into another era.The put appears to have cut back in the previous year and the lines of slows down showing spice loaded sacks are quick diminishing.Although spices are accessible, a Far eastern impact is by all accounts setting in ,with coordinated shops of chirp electronic products and discount shoes.Perhaps the ease back downfall is because of an ever increasing number of stores supplying a more extensive scope of spices.

Location: Creekside, Deira
Timings: 9am-1pm & 4-10pm, Fridays 4-10pm

Gold Souk:

Dubai’s most well-known market of all is the gold souk, where limit lanes are fixed with shop windows flickering with decorations made in 22 and 24-carat gold. Along the somewhat bigger paths of the gold souk, each shop window is packed with gold pieces of jewelry, rings, bangles, earrings, and clasps. Gold costs here are among the most minimal on the planet. Most gems is 24 carat and none is under 18 carat. Make certain to wrangle intensely and be set up to leave on the off chance that you can’t get the value you require, there will be another shop only a couple of entryways down offering a comparable item. Make sure to check the everyday gold cost in the daily papers.

Location: Near St. George Hotel, Al Ras, Deira
Timings: 9am-1pm & 4-10pm, Fridays 4-10pm

Bur Dubai Souk:

Otherwise called the Textile Souk, and as Cosmos Souk, this market keeps running along the river inverse the Deira Souk. Trinkets and knick-knacks are on special however the region is best known for its shocking exhibit of textures from the Indian subcontinent and the Far East. Stopping is extremely restricted yet there is an outside pay and show auto stop beside Dubai Museum.For a decent scope of material shops in a solitary zone, make a beeline for Al Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai. It’s a decent place to get material for your suit, shirt or skirt. The majority of the shops close around noon, so arrive at a young hour toward the beginning of the day or late afternoon.The two fundamental material shops in Bur Dubai Souks are Meena Bazar and Rivoli.

Location: Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai
Timings: 9am-1pm & 4-10pm. Fridays 4-10pm

Satwa Souk:

One of Dubai’s best-kept mysteries. Satwa Souk is basically a shopping square, however, ought not to be neglected for those looking for tailor-made garments or top-notch textures. The best known and most frequented shops are Regal and Deepak. The two stores will suggest close-by tailors will’s identity glad to transform your texture buys into superbly fitting articles of clothing.

Location: Satwa
Timings: Not Available

Food Souk:

The biggest cluster of crisp creates in Dubai. Everything is sold by the kilo so don’t hope to return unladen. Foreign-made and neighborhood create are marked down. Omani bananas come exceedingly suggested, ensured to be the sweetest bananas you have ever tasted. Bear in mind to taste the numerous assortments of nearby dates.

The biggest and busiest of Dubai’s fish markets is definitely justified even despite a visit if just to see the inconceivable exhibit of neighborhood angle on offer. Blue lobster from Fujairah, infant sharks, and meter long kingfish are only a portion of the treats in store for the customer that wouldn’t fret getting their shoes filthy. Wear waterproof shoes and old garments.

Location: Near the gold souk, Deira
Timings: 9am-1pm & 4-10pm. Fridays 4-10pm

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