Desert Safari Night

Investigate the giganticness of the UAE forsake on this exciting overnight 4X4 safari enterprise. See the stones and rises shine in the setting sun and stay outdoors under clear betray skies.

Experience Arabia as you watch the hypnotizing belly dancers (belly moving won’t happen amid Ramadan) while smoking an enhanced shisha (hubble bubble pipe) and savoring a delectable grill. Have your hands enlivened with excellent henna plans, experiment with customary Arabic dresses, or take a camel ride.

Following a mysterious night under a starry sky, appreciate the Hatta Valley, which offers scenes of startling excellence like appealing rock pools, encompassed with greenery. Some of these have water year-round and you can appreciate an invigorating sprinkle before returning to Dubai.

From an adrenaline directing 4X4 safari in the rises to outdoors in obvious Bedouin-style, your leave safari in UAE will be a blend of relaxation, amusement and enterprise!

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