Belly Dance

Belly dance or Bellydance is a “Western”- authored name for a customary “Center Eastern” dance. It is once in a while likewise called Middle Eastern dance or Arabic dance in the West, or by the Greco– Turkish term çiftetelli (Greek: τσιφτετέλι). The belly dance style is additionally very prominent in India, where it has profound social roots.

The expression “Belly dance” is an interpretation of the French “danse du ventre” which was connected to the dance in the Victorian time. It is something of a misnomer as all aspects of the body is engaged with the dance; the most included body part for the most part is the hips. Belly dance takes various structures relying upon nation and locale, both in ensemble and dance style, and new styles have advanced in the West as its prominence has spread universally. Albeit contemporary types of the dance have by and large been performed by ladies, a portion of the dances, especially the stick dance, have birthplaces in male types of execution.

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